What would it take to embody the yumminess you truly be?


What if that was your natural state of being?  

Do you think that might create some Happiness in your world?  

Do you dare to be the yummiest, happiest person on the planet?  


Join certified facilitators, Betsy McLaughlin and Rüdrani Devi for a different conversation about how to get your happy on and how yummy that can truly be!

Infuse You Life with


A different way to be with energy

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YES!!! To Yumminess of Happiness.

Rüdrani Devi is know as the "Happy Lady".

It stemmed from her third best selling book, "Choosing Happiness, an uncommon way to find JOY in your life", which also created her "Get Happy" Podcast.  Why is she so happy?  She answers this with one word "Choice", although admittedly it was not always easy to choose it.  Rü's back story is unique.  She not only survived, but thrived after the November 26, 2008 tourist attacks in Mumbai, India.  This event notably changed the lives of many, including Rü's, but she notes that she had the amazing tools of Access Consciousness to get her through all the struggles in the aftermath.  Now she facilitates others to create that possibility for themselves to thrive beyond what they thought possible.

Betsy McLoughlin is the energy of yumminess with embodiment.

As an author and life coach, she brings a flair for playful possibility and facilitates others to choose more with their body, business and wealth and loves contributing to her clients.

Betsy’s extensive background includes success as a store owner, Realtor, corporate manager, and administrator.

She draws upon this experience to empower others in their lives and businesses as a Certified Facilitator along with having specialty certifications in these areas: Joy of Business ®  and  Being You.

As the co-author of ten books and host of the Imperfect Brilliance radio show on OM Times radio, Betsy is committed to breaking down the walls of impossibility, and enabling her clients to explore a more creative, innovative and expansive view of life and business.