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Have you been asking for more? Do you long for something different and can't quite put your finger on what that looks like? 

I knew there had to be MORE to life... If there wasn't.... I was ready to check out. I was so tired of being sick and tired and depressed and and AND...hating my body and life.

You get the picture.

Gratefully, I discovered the very different questions and tools of Access Consciousness and... I found ME... happiness... joy... exuberance... peace. 

I've also created a new relationship with my body - which is something I never truly thought was possible. Life continues to become greater and greater every day and my life is very different than it was 10 years ago! I no longer think about leaving this planet and love what I'm creating.

I'm a Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness, a business and life coach and I look forward to contributing to you and all you desire to create in the world.

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It's Never Too Late... 

With many classes to choose from, you can unlock yourself and start creating the life and body you've always known was possible.

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Joyful Facilitation

Out of the muck, hopelessness and feeling of impossibility into the space and ease of Joyful Living! Book a one on one session or series or a VIP package with Betsy today and start to choose you.

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Imperfect Brilliance

Enjoy over 7 years of archives on OM Times Radio -  with lots of amazing guests!

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Creating A Relationship

With your body through tools and questions to create what you'd really like to have.

Get more of you in classes and private sessions with Betsy.

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Unleash The Possibilities.

 10 Tools, 10 Actions, 10 Lives  

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The Space of Gratitude Free Facebook Group

Welcome to the Space of Gratitude - I’ve seen first-hand when I’m grateful for things, more things show up to be grateful for.  I’d love to nurture that space with you and see what else is possible for all of us together!  And what about days where you feel like there’s nothing to be grateful for?  No worries - nothing is off limits here - what can we contribute to you when you have those moments? Will you join us?

The Dying Experience

A conversation.... LEARN MORE


Creating Yumminess with Money

What would it be like to have that delicious sense of yumminess in your money flows?  This truly is possible in ALL areas of your life!



Body Communication Coming Soon

Would you like to create a stronger friendship and communication with your body?

5 days of Facebook lives with Betsy McLoughlin


Coming Soon

What would your life and future be like if you stepped all the way into you?

Meet Betsy!

Betsy McLoughlin has dynamically changed her body by asking lots of questions and listening to her body instead of overriding her. She now enjoys a communion with her body she's never experienced before!  

As an author and life coach, she brings a flair for playful possibility and facilitates others to choose more with their body, business and wealth and loves contributing to her clients.

Betsy’s extensive background includes success as a store owner, Realtor, corporate manager, and administrator.  She draws upon this experience to empower others in their lives and businesses as an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator.

As the co-author of eleven books and host of the Imperfect Brilliance radio show on OM Times radio, Betsy is committed to breaking down the walls of impossibility, and enabling her clients to explore a more creative, innovative and expansive view of life and business.

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Experience The Symphony 

Special Intro Price

Symphony Sessions are an invitation to opening up your life and body to access what is possible and are about energetic empowerment and change and a little hard to explain.

These Symphony Sessions are based on the Access Consciousness® tools and the amazing energetic work created by Dr. Dain Heer, Co-Creator of Access Consciousness. 

Betsy has taken multiple Symphony of Possibilities classes with Dr. Dain Heer and LOVES them!  Would your body enjoy a taste exploring the possibilities of the magic of your body?


30 Minute Symphony Sessions


$95.00 USD

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