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Hello! Thank you being here!

Have you been asking for more? Do you long for something different and can't quite put your finger on what that looks like?

 I KNEW there had to be MORE to life... If there wasn't more, I was ready to check out.

I was so tired of being sick and tired and depressed and and AND... (you get the picture).

Gratefully, I discovered the very different questions and tools of Access Consciousness and... I found ME... happiness... joy... exuberance... peace.

I continue growing, expanding, changing and exploring! The potency and simplicity of the tools of Access Consciousness is beyond anything I had ever experienced and quickly my life changed dramatically by applying these tools to daily living. The world around me transformed in ways I had never imagined were possible!

I am a Certified Facilitator, best selling author, magic creator and discovered that greater exists!

I adore watching people transform and create more in their lives. I invite you to explore what that is for you. 

I travel the world for classes and facilitate many classes online as well.
What can we create together? xoxo Betsy



"​I've had the recent pleasure of having Betsy facilitate me over a number of sessions. This is one of those times it is difficult to put into words how to express how much she's helped me... What I can say is - she has a kind, gentle, fun and easy way about her...as she guides you through your 'stuff'. Thanks Betsy!!"


"Oh my gosh! I LOVED your Bars class. Your humor and ease with teaching has inspired me to learn more. I can't believe how different I feel after this day. I am so peaceful and happy. This is my first experience and will be more of many! Thank you so much!"


"Betsy's kindness and ability to know exactly what is going on is SPOT ON. Her ability to hone in and facilitate out of the muck really surprised me. I have never had a coaching session before and Betsy has set the bar pretty high! I highly recommend Betsy to be your coach - you won't be sorry!"


"Do you know that blissful, amazing, indescribable state of being in communion with your own body and everything around you? If you have not yet experienced it, how much are you judging yourself for this? If you have already experienced this, how much did you judge yourself for not being able to get there faster? For me, it took only 1 session with the amazing Betsy to get there and it was life changing and beyond words. I was finally able to acknowledge myself and my body and be in communion with it and receive the whole of me! Would that be a contribution for you also? What would your life and the whole planet be like in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years if you choose working with Betsy? And what would it be if you do not choose this? But don't choose it - I double-dog dare you!"


"Betsy is a brilliant facilitator and can help you change ANYTHING you have been unable to change. Following my session with her I have so much more ease and joy in my life. In my personal experience, Betsy has amazing capacities around changing money flows, relationships and entities. This SUPER WOMAN of CONSCIOUSNESS can help you change ANYTHING - if you are willing to choose that!"


"Betsy, beauty full Betsy, THANK YOU, for being! Appreciating your kindness very, very much. The power of your love... and more... has touched me so deeply and shown me so much. Grateful, so grateful. BIG, BIG hug!​"


Imperfect Brilliance Radio Show

Tuesdays 6pm EST, 3pm PST

Betsy is a host of Imperfect Brilliance radio show. She is bubbly, fun and SERIOUS about contributing to the world.

Her radio show, Imperfect Brilliance on OM Times is her invitation to you.

Imperfect Brilliance
OM Times Radio

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