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Hi, I’m Betsy. Are you ready to truly love your body?

After a lifetime of fighting, struggling and LOTS of extreme dieting, tears, frustration and not listening to my body, I created a body that was 500 pounds at its highest weight along with illnesses including cancer.  I have been many different sizes my adult life and always thought if I could just get to that ideal weight, then my life would be great. 

I lost a couple hundred pounds through extreme measures and then hit a size that I couldn't get below for many years. I had so many things that improved and my body size and unhappiness with my body was a continued source of unresolved contention.

December 2019 - I created a new relationship with my body that has changed everything!  I am no longer in debilitating pain with difficulty moving and I continue walking with more ease.  I have joy and freedom in so many different ways and it goes so far beyond the size of my body.

I'm living with and in a whole new body and finally able to allow the joyful me out to play.  The communion I've always longed for is now my life and I am asking for way more of this amazing gift.  And it is nothing that I thought it had to be to create it. 

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