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Meet Our Founders

Betsy McLoughlin


Betsy’s extensive background includes success as the CEO of multiple online and brick and mortor companies, Realtor, corporate manager, and administrator. She has contributed to multiple businesses as a creative producer, innovator, project manager and more. As a true "do it yourself" creator, she leads the talent here at NBB with dedication to contributing to online businesses of all types. She draws upon her experience to empower others in building their own business. 

Betsy is “The Garden Of You” and allows herself and her body to bloom grow and be. This infuses your business, life and living with infinite possibilities.

Michelle Lyall


Michelle climbed the ladder with each business she contributed to starting with her first job. As a natural leader she found herself empowering people within business and in their personal lives.  After years in management and facilitating clients and even more time in education and experience, Michelle took her know how behind the scenes in business, building systems and more. She has collaborated with multiple online businesses and contributed to productivity and implementation. She is co-creating NBB with a passion for empowering others to live their dream.

Consistently parenting for over 31 years with two more to go, she adds a nurturing and inspiring energy with drive and dedication to manage many adventures at once.

Meet Our Creators

Lindsay Prince

Productivity, Task Management & Building Systems

Lindsay is a busy Mompreneur to two very energetic little beings, and she thrives creating with her family, farming and building businesses .  She has a gift for project management and a passion for contributing to a team to create websites and streamlined systems within businesses. She has a keen eye for detail and organization and loves watching projects actualize.

Alejandra Hoyer

Graphic Design, Content Creation & Building Systems

Alejandra is creative beyond measure and fun to co-create with. She has an eye for beauty. As a creative muse she infuses her gentle grace and background in graphic design along with her love of nature, engagement of earth, and body movement to all she creates.

Alejandra plays with all the elements and the energetics of design to translate ideas into magnetic graphics that will amp up your business, brand and creations.

Christine Ciona

Content & Course Creation, Oracle Extraordinaire, Wonderment Wordsmith & Social Media Management

Christine brings her passion for business, storytelling and creating connections to entrepreneurs and creatives ready to unleash their capacities and expand their lives. She brings over 20 years experience running her own businesses in coaching, counseling, creative arts and wellness industries. In creating her own fireball life, her joy is unleashed and her capacities are unstoppable. Join the joy train and fly.

Stacey Patience

Maintenance & Building Systems

Stacey enjoys creating with people in business and seeing all the creations unfold. She will ensure your requests are completed in a timely manner with a can-do spirit. 

Stacey's forte is maintaining your business needs with speed, skill and more! She is a dynamic builder of landing pages, offers and auto responders for classes and other creations. From the peace and quiet of the woods, close to water, tapped into the elements of nature, Stacey is creating a true No Box Business.

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