Welcome to Compounding Your Creations with Betsy McLoughlin & Christine Ciona


Are you allowing the energy of COMPOUNDING CREATIONS into your day,
your body, business, money flows and wellness? 


Do you desire to create greater in your life?  Do you desire more ease and joy in your body, bank accounts, more kindness and creations in your businesses, and more health and wellness?

 What would your day look like if there was less struggle, strain and stress and more space for the ease of creation and the playful joy of possibilities to infuse your dreams, desires and daily actions?

CREATION… is a life force energy that is present in all of our choices. We can let the strain, stress, overwhelm and override of our day take away that creative connection. 

Is that happening for you? There's other choices available. Are you ready?

Compounding Your Creations 
- 4 Calls to choose from with a Symphony Holiday Group Taster gift -

Compounding Your Money Creations

Inviting energy and choice to play with your money flows.

December 7th   1 pm PST / 4 pm EST

YES - $$$ Compounding

Compounding Your Business Creations

What do your businesses know about compounding their creations?

December 12th     1 pm PST / 4 pm EST

YES - BIZ Compounding

Compounding Your Creations with Wellness

Are you willing to create a new wellness reality? Let's Play.

December 14th    1 pm PST / 4 pm EST

Yes - Wellness Compounding

Compounding Your Creations with Body

Get out of the way and let your body play!

December 19th     1 pm PST / 4 pm EST

Yes - Body Compounding

Holiday Symphony Group Taster

Join us for a Symphony of the Seasons receiving an energetic celebration of the magnificence of you.
Awakening the life force energy of all of your possibilities - one breath at a time.

December 22nd    1 pm PST / 4 pm EST

Yes - Symphony Time

Choose All 4 Calls and Receive a Symphony Gift!

Pay only $111 for the full Compounding Your Creations Call Series and you receive the Holiday Symphony Group Taster as a GIFT.

Invite the Symphony of Possibilities energy to compound all of your creations and choices with ease.
A holiday treat for you and all of your creations. 

Yes - I'm Compounding Money, Business, Wellness & Body!

Compounding Your Creations...  

Learn more about the energies of Money, Business, Bodies and Wellness and how you can allow these energies to create together - and build a whole new world for yourself - that is brighter than any diamond. 

 Choose the energy you would like to compound, create and play with and let's go!

Join in for the full 4-call series and receive the  Symphony for the Seasons Gift to contribute to your desires and dreams.

Your Choices:


  • LIVE one-hour call

  • Access to replay

  • Tips and tools

  • Choose one, two or all four calls!

  • Build the ingredients of these creative life force energies and create the diamond life only you can create!


Compounding Your Creations
Call Schedule:


December 7   1 pm PST / 4 pm EST


December 12th     1 pm PST / 4 pm EST


December 14th    1 pm PST / 4 pm EST


December 19th     1 pm PST / 4 pm EST

Holiday Symphony Group Taster

December 22nd    1 pm PST / 4 pm EST


What if your creations could play with compounding energies and you don’t have to effort, force, push, or strain your choices, creations and dreams into fruition?

Jump into Compounding Your Creations.
Let’s amp up the playful possibilities.